Family daycare is the best for the working ladies who spend their most of the time in the offices and there are many offices who offer this opportunity and they have their daycares where the employs can put their babies there and do their work easily, it helps the mothers a lot and they can keep their eyes on them.

Daycares are not only daycares they are more like preschools because they not only take care of the kids, in fact, they do pre-schooling because they know what is important for the kids. Artarmon Family day care is the complete package for your kids. There are many benefits to family daycare.

Prepare your kids for school

As I mention before daycares are more like preschool where they teach your kids many things and most important thing they prepare your kids for the school where they have to go one day and leave their comfort zone because the competition is increasing day by day. Preparing a kid for school is so much important because if they directly go to school it will be difficult for them because they don’t use to of it. You can completely see the difference in a kid who did preschool and a kid who is directly going to school without preschool. Kids learn so many things in the preschool which boost their confidence.

Become better communicator

Communication is the key of success if doesn’t matter at what age you are because if you have shy kid and don’t like to communicate with anyone then how do you expect how he will survive in the school, if he already attend the Chatswood preschool and daycare it will be easy for the kid to survive in the school.

Kids learn new things

When your kid sits and plays with different kids they learn new things and try new things because kids love to copy each other. There are some kids who don’t like to eat food no matter how fancy and colourful food you present them they just avoid it, in the daycare when they are around with the many kids and if all the kids eat food they start eating because kids influence each other so there are chances your kid become healthy and open to trying new things.


Family daycare is the best for the working mothers and not even for the working mother in fact for the kids as well because they learn discipline and how to manage the things from their own. EKINDA COTTAGE is one of the best family daycare where your kid learns everything and ready to face the school system.