VCE is the short form of the Victorian certificate of education. This is the special kind of certification which is given only in the state of the Victoria Australia and is given to the students who are in secondary education and not only this but have completed their 11 or 12 years of education in the same state which is the state of Victoria. The students then enroll for the VCE and this certification has various subjects one of which is the English. Since the exam is tough and require guidance, many students go to VCE tutoring who help them prepare for the exam. VCE English tutor in Melbourne is the one who helps the students pass out the VCE English exam.

The total period according to the standard for the VCE is two years but this is not fixed and it could vary from different cases. You can have the VCE before you complete the final exams of the 12 years education and you can pass it out even before as well. But this is no necessary that the students are only able to opt for this certificate in the 11th or 12th year but it depends on the institutions as well that in which year they allow their students to have the VCE certification. Due to this reason, many students are able to complete in the 10th years as well.

The studies of this course are not just a subject but it is proper study of two years and are similar to the semester system in which the units are used instead of semesters and each unit is covered in one semester. There are total of 4 units in the VCE course and each unit has different number of subjects each having its own set of outcomes. These could be two to three outcomes; these outcomes consist of the skills which the students must learn before the final exam of that particular subject and if all the outcomes are reached then the student is passed in that subject. The subjects which are used in the VCE vary from school to school and every school or the institute offering VCE could have any kind of subjects from a list of subjects in the VCE. It is not necessary that the students complete all the units which are related to one particular subject and the students are also given the choice to choose from the subjects which are offered and not only this but they change the subjects as well between the 11th and the 12th year